Rose Bloom Moisturising Mask

Rose Bloom Moisturising Mask

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This face mask contains moisture binding active ingredients. A cocktail of fruit enzymes, papaya and apricot gently lift dirt boosting the skin's natural radiance. Rose powder combines with wild rose clay to keep pores clean and refined for vital, beautiful and fresh clear complexion.




To use: mix one teaspoon of the dry mask with a little water until it reaches a smooth paste like consistency. Apply to skin and leave on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing with warm water. Skin may appear slightly pink for 20-30 min after application as a result of increased circulation caused by the active ingredients in this mask. 

60g / 120g glass jar/ Biodegradable plastic packet


Pure benefits:

WILD ROSE CLAY. Ultra-ventilated rose pink clay is a delicate, ultra soft clay, it respects the PH of the epidermis and gently softens the skin grain for extreme softness and natural radiance

ROSE PETAL POWDER. Rose is antibacterial and astringent. Reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Rose has properties excellent for calming red and inflamed skin 

PAPAYA GLYCEROL EXTRACT. Papaya gently removes old skin cells from the surface, unblocks pores and makes skin smoother, brighter and softer. Glycerin attracts moisture to the cells leaving your skin feeling plumper

APRICOT OIL. Apricot oil is a great skin rejuvenator, especially good for dry skin it enhances natural elasticity

PALMAROSA. Palmarosa has highly effective cell regenerating and moisture maintaining properties, it has a rosy scent with a hint of lemon and a light woody base note



Ingredients: Wild rose ultra ventilated argiletz French clay, Rosa damascena (rose petal powder), Cymbopogon Martini (palmarosa leaf oil), Carica Papaya (papaya glycerol botanical extract) **Prunus Armeniaca (organic apricot kernal oil) *Citral, *Farnesol, *Geraniol, *limonene, *Linalool. *Natural constituent of essential oil




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