Wake up and glow



Our face masks HIBISCUS BLOOM and BLUE CAMO are designed to be both moisturising and cleansing so you can use them in the morning for 2-1 quick cleanse.


Each mask contains a plant powder that is moisturising, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple. The mask powders are also refreshing thanks to the oils from potent plants like palmarosa and French lavender. The clay base will clean your pores and prep your skin for makeup. 

How to:

Simply put a small amount of mask powder in the palm of your hand, drip warm water from your fingertips and mix to a paste in the palms of your hands, apply to warm skin and leave on for about thirty seconds minute. Rinse with warm water, you'll be surprised by how soft and smoothed your skin feels, you may not need to apply a moisturiser.

All you have to do after cleansing is spritz on a toner and your good to glow!

It's the little self-care rituals that keep us happy in our own skin.