Natural essence skincare

Effective skincare has always been inspired by nature. We've transformed pure essence found in flowers, plants and raw ingredients, fusing native botanicals with a twist of exotics into highly effective skincare products. 




Relaxing ritual

Make your skincare routine something you make time for. Mixing your formula and applying the product is the perfect 'me time', it's relaxing which is good for your skin. Wild Mix products are designed for a modern lifestyle, easy to use, multi-use, with therapeutic botanicals in each mix to target specific skin and care needs: 






Minimalist and potent

You won't find a long list of ingredients in these products.  Nature provides an abundance of potent minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and plant actives in a single ingredient; there is no need to add more to create skin care that is effective, luxurious and contributes to your natural beauty and well-being.


Pure synergy

A Wild Mix product is a formula in a box, you'll feel like a skin-care genius mixing it.

Your Wild Mix formula is lovingly packaged with all you’ll need to make your chosen product. Your ingredients remain inactive until you mix them and activate their therapeutic properties. Applying simple natural essences like this in their pure, delicate and unadulterated state, is pure synergy, living ingredients - living skin!

Each mix has been expertly designed to combine essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and botanicals that respect each and everyone’s unique skin type.

Inspiration comes from the pure power of nature: all ingredients have been carefully selected and only those necessary are included because they have natural synergistic characteristics essential to healthy skin that’s bursting with vitality.

Happy Mixing!