Blackened Orange Detox Mask

Blackened Orange Detox Mask

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This face mask deeply revitalises and purifies the skin. Sweet orange and bergamot oils provide antibacterial and antiseptic support controlling breakouts and oily skin days. Potent properties of wild green clay and activated charcoal work hard to deeply purify the pores, leaving your skin fresh and clean. 


To use: mix one teaspoon of the dry mask with a little water until it reaches a smooth paste like consistency. Apply to skin and leave on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing with warm water. Skin may appear slightly pink for 20-30 min after application as a result of increased circulation caused by the active ingredients in this mask. 

Spot treatment: Mix a small amount of paste and apply to spot area, use daily until the skin is clear.

Aroma-care: Uplifting, energising & vibrant.


80g / 120ml glass jar / Biodegradable plastic packet


Pure benefits:

WILD GREEN ULTRA VENTILATED CLAY. Green clay is naturally rich in minerals; it works wonders to boost circulation, cleansing and rejuvenating

CHARCOAL. Charcoal is extremely absorbent its molecules are very porous, the incredible absorption power of the charcoal gives it the ability to deeply purify  

SWEET ORANGE. Sicilian sweet orange essential oil, zesty, sunny, and refreshing, this oil uplifts the senses. A natural detoxifier for maintaining healthy, smooth skin it also alleviates anxiety, anger and depression

BERGAMOT. Bergamot essential oil is a unique, ‘sunny’ citrus oil that helps to balance the skin's oil production making it very beneficial for combination/oily skin types. A sweet, lemony fresh top note, with a warm, floral and clean undertone. FCF, suitable for use in sunshine

POMEGRANATE GLYCEROL EXTRACT. Pomegranate is high in ellagic acid that helps to regulate healthy cell turnover and strengthens the cell membrane, glycerin attracts moisture to the cells 



Ingredients: Wild crafted Green Ultra Ventilated French Clay, Puluerem Carbones (charcoal powder) Citrus Bergamia (bergamot oil) **Citrus Sinensis (sweet orange oil) **Punica Granatum (pomegranate glycerol extract.) *Citral, *Limonene, *Linalool *natural constituent of essential oil 




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