Wild coco body balm

Wild coco body balm

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A luxurious and therapeutic treat with vanilla CO2 extract this multifunctional balm is rich, nutritive and suitable for sensitive and mature skin. Evening primrose CO2 extract contains high levels of GLA, essential to the natural structure and function of cells. With a base of cold pressed coconut and jojoba oils that nourish and soften this balm melts instantly, locking in lasting moisture. 




Body balm - Apply a small amount of balm to hands and rub palms together to warm. Massage gently over body until skin feels hydrated. For best results, apply to damp skin after bathing to seal in moisture. For external use only. A little goes a long way.

Makeup remover - Warm a small amount in the palm of your hands and apply to your face with your eyes closed, rinse and repeat as needed. Follow by cleansing

Body balm/luxurious - apply and enjoy the vanilla glow

Aroma care - Stress relieving & sleep enhancing, massage a small amount into wrists, palms and temples, cup your hands over your face and take 3 deep breaths 



REFINED COCONUT OIL: Coconut oil is antimicrobial, packed with antioxidants and vitamin E, coconut oil is a perfect skin drink

BORAGE OIL: Borage has exceptionally high levels of GLA’s responsible for maintaining supple and soft skin

JOJOBA: Jojoba is a liquid wax and is chemically very similar to human sebum making it an excellent moisturiser and nourishing skin protector for all skin types

EVENING PRIMROSE CO2 extract: Evening primrose contains high levels of GLA, essential to the natural structure and function of cells

VANILLA CO2: An antioxidant, vanilla protects the skin from free radical damage while relaxing and soothing the senses



 Ingredients: **Cocos Nucifera (coconut oil) **Borago officinalis (borage) **Simmondsia Chinensis (jojoba Oil) **Vespere primrose (organic evening primrose CO2 extract) **Lemon (Citrus limonum) *Linalool (Alcohol), Citral, Citronellal (Aldehydes)

*Natural constituents of essential oil

**98 % ingredients Certified Organic by the Soil Association

VEGAN    98% ORGANIC     MIX TIME 15 mins.


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