Your Tea Shelf Is A Skincare Apothecary

Let's make potions! Not just because it's nearly halloween but because it's just so satisfying; mixing, transforming and utilising the botanic world and all without an ' eye of newt ' in sight.
Most homes all over the world have a home remedy or two up their sleeve, trusted and loved ointments to salve a bruised knee or ease a headache, even the food we make, the cakes we bake contribute to wellness.  What's more exciting, satisfying and personal is mixing skincare, there's something decadent about it. Mixing skincare makes relevant, lotion and potion making and takes our love of blending ingredients to a whole other level because it's part treat and in part connects us to our witchy selves, it's a bit woo-woo! 
Have you got a witchy corner in your house?  open your tea cupboard where I'm sure you prescribe yourself remedies daily, a camomile mood or a mint?
Personalise a clay mask with tea to suit your skin mood.
The properties:

PURE MIX | Matcha / Green tea

Green tea cleansing!

This anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich powerhouse works to add a detox boost to any mask, MIX 1. tsp of freshly brewed tea to blue camo if you have sensitive skin or to blackened orange for a deep cleanse.

PURE MIX | Camomile

Gentle camomile cools stressed skin

Perfect for sensitive skin MIX 1-2. tsp to blue camo to calm the skin, use in the evening for chilled bedtime bliss.

PURE MIX | Rose 

Tone and refine skin with the the most loving ingredient

Roses have been used for centuries because of their synergy with the skin, MIX 1-2. tsp of pure rose tea with rose bloom for extra hydration and tone.

PURE MIX | Nettle

These stingers are a great boost for a spot treatment

Nettle is high in phenols, which give nettle powerful antioxidant properties and help keep the free radicals under control when used in skincare. MIX 1-2. tsp of freshly made nettle tea into blackened orange for an extra detox boost. 

 PURE MIX | Strawberry 

Strawberries makes for a vibrant cleanse

For days when your skin needs extra exfoliation. Strawberry is a vitamin C powerhouse, great for breakouts or a vibrant cleanse, MIX with blackened orange detox mask.

PURE MIX | Peppermint

A fresh addition to your mask time

This minty ingredient has Omega 3 fatty acids which boost collagen production, vitamin A & C, calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium — so it'll whip dry skin and blemish-prone skin into shape! 1-2. tsp of freshly brewed tea to any mask, sensitive skin may need less.

Most fruit tea contains a base of hibiscus but that's essential






PURE MIX | Hibiscus

This exotic beauty is a natural collagen booster and moisturiser

Full of organic acids including citric and malic, hibiscus helps to speed up healthy cell turnover, resulting in a plumped skin-tone. Hibiscus is a fantastic moisturiser, it enhances the skins natural ability to retain moisture, helping skin stay hydrated, soft and supple for longer. The natural acids in Hibiscus help to purify your skin by breaking down dead cells without stripping your skin of it’s natural oils, unlike harsh synthetic acids, the natural acids from Hibiscus bring your skin back in balance for a glowing complexion. MIX 1-2. tsp once a week to any mask.

If you know anyone who is passionate about mixing their own potions please share this with them and thank you for reading. 

Love + Gratitude


PS.. can't wait to see you flying across the sky on Halloween.

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