WHY MIX part 1


Why would you want to take time out of a busy week to mix your own skin care when you can buy it off a shelf and it's a skin care brand that you've put your trust in over time, why would you change that now?


Blinding consumers with science 'the science bit' and those ingredient lists that are tricky to decipher have been a marketing trend since the 1980's. Women have had their power taken away when what they really want is to be informed honestly. Premixed products also contain a high volume of water and harsh chemical preservatives so that they can sit on a shelf. When you mix there's no shelf life, no preservatives just ingredients that are fresh and natural, just like your skin.



Knowing ingredients and mixing your own products is simply empowering, how? Not only do you take 'the science bit' back into your own hands, mixing a product yourself extends your self-care time, anyone can do it. Think how good it is to mix healthy food, it's no different, it's food for your skin. Self-love is the touchstone of a modern woman's life nowadays, I want to share with you just how amazing making something will make you feel, that through mixing products that make your skin glow you'll feel amazing.  

Great beauty products reveal the natural beauty you already are, inside.










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