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This range has been specifically tailored to calm sensitive skin with formulas that are especially mild and gentle.
Inspiration for this range comes from wildflowers like camomile, borage and french lavender. These flower extracts have been fused with vanilla and coconut.
With the addition of some simple kitchen beauty ingredients that are especially for sensitive skin you can extend your range and create some unique skin-care rituals. Pamper your skin, you can experience a unique beauty treatment with immediate visible results.
* Oats 
* Cucumber 
* Camomile 
* Lavender 
* Jojoba oil, read all about this 'skin hero' here
All wild mix products are multifunctional this calming range for sensitive skin has the same therapeutic properties throughout, you can use them as:
* An aftersun.
* Relief to stings and insect bites.
* Stress relieving, anxiety reducing and deeply relaxing.
* The aromas throughout have been chosen because they offer these therapeutic qualities: warming, calming, relaxing and balancing.
* FACIAL STEAM: Facial steams open the pores to prepare the skin for a face mask, to a bowl of warm water add the camomile flowers from a tea-bag, a teaspoon of WILD COCO and some lavender flowers, steam under a towel for 4-5 minutes.
*BATH SOAK: Run a relaxing bath and infuse it with WHITE LIGHT, you can add in a generous handful of oats for extra smoothing and softening, tie them in a small fabric bag.
*FACE MASK: For a visibly fresher complexion and natural radiance apply BLUE CAMO face mask you can mix it with the juice of a cucumber or a flower hydrosol like neroli or camomile. While your masking, breathe in the theraputic aromas, they are deeply relaxing.
*BODY POLISH: Convert a large tablespoon of WHITE LIGHT salt soak and turn it into a body polish with a generous teaspoonful of WILD COCO body balm. Mix them together and apply in circular motion to cleanse and moisturise your skin at the same time, the superfine grains of kaolin clay will refine and polish, your skin will feel like glass.
*DIY BODY POLISH: In a blender blitz a large handful of oats and add in a fine sea salt, add in the juice of a cucumber and 10ml of sunflower oil for a soothing, cooling body scrub.
*JUST RELAX: Luxuriate in your bath, breathe in the relaxing scents, inspired by summer meadows, rinse the mask after 5-10 minutes and after your towel dry apply WILD COCO body balm for a luxurious treat, organic wild coco has been formulated to offer a rich & nutritive balm, light with coconut oil and skin softening borage; this silky balm melts into the skin and will lock in lasting moisture, wrapping you in a warming, feel-good vanilla bean glow.
BLUE CAMOMILE. Blue chamomile is perfect for sensitive skin. This oil is calming with hints of sweet, fruity apple among bitter, herbaceous undertones and warm, flowery, grassy top notes.
FRENCH LAVENDER. Lavender is one of the most valuable oils for the treatment of acne, reducing scarring and promoting cell renewal while relaxing the body and spirit
KAOLIN. Superfine Cornish white clay respects any type of skin even the most ageing ones. Thanks to its incredible illuminating and decongesting properties, it instantaneously reveals the radiance of the skin while deeply revitalising it.
CUCUMBER GLYCEROL EXTRACT. Cucumber soothes, cools and reduces under-eye bags while also helping to reduce the appearance of dark circles, glycerin attracts moisture to the cells 
JOJOBA OIL. Jojoba is chemically very similar to human sebum making it an excellent moisturiser and nourishing skin protector
BORAGE OIL. Borage has exceptionally high levels of GLA’s responsible for maintaining supple and soft skin
VANILLA BEAN OIL. Vanilla oil is rich in anti-oxidants, instantly recognisable this essential oil is warming, comforting and feel-good

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