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Slathering yourself in beautifying clay, rich in minerals is not such a new trend, our ancestors did it first! Clay was a skin care secret of the ancient Egyptians and the Greeks used a brightening mask blend of honey and chalk powder. Clay masking is a simple way to effectively pamper, there's no better way to feel confident and ready for any party. I love clays, the smell, the texture, they are one of the reasons I created the wild mix, my skin just feels so soft and fresh after masking. Find your perfect clay so you can get ready for the festive season in style or simply treat yourself to a night of pj's and pamper! Be sure to sign up to the newsletter and as a thank-you you'll receive 10% off voucher. 



Clay is a negatively charged ion (an atom with an electrical charge) and toxins are positively charged. Hey-presto the negative charge of the clay attracts and draws out the positively charged toxins from your pores. 

There are so many clay types and each has

properties that make them perfect for different skin needs, which to choose?



Mined from deposits in France this clay gets its green colour from decomposed plant matter, essential minerals and silt. It's strength is medium to mild so best used for normal to oily skin types or for breakouts. French green clay is the base of our Blackened Orange detox face mask, containing activated charcoal powder, pomegranate glycerol extract, sweet orange and bergamot oils rich in antioxidants this mask is perfect as a deep detox.

Best used: Use once a week as a deep-cleansing detox or apply daily as a breakout treatment.

A simple ritual that is, uplifting, cleansing, gently exfoliating, moisturising and uplifting with antibacterial support.




Gathered in France, wild rose clay gets its delicate pink colour from iron - oxides. Rose clay is one of the most nourishing clays, crafted from ancient deposits that are a mix of wild flower, silt, earth, plants and essential minerals. The combination of nutritive elements is what makes clay masking so good, to cleanse your skin, give it the essential minerals it needs to thrive and gently soften and brighten the complexion. I love the natural smell of clays, what do they remind you of? A gentle clay it's compatible with oily/normal/combination skin. Rose clay is the base clay in our Rose Bloom moisturising face mask along with rose flower powder, apricot kernel oil, palmarosa leaf oil and papaya glycerol extract this mask gently cleanses while moisturising the skin.

Best used: As a mask - two - three times a week





This beautiful white clay is crafted from the Cornish coastline in the UK. The gentlest of the clays it's suitable for sensitive and dry skin as it doesn't strip the skin of natural oils as it draws out impurities. We've used kaolin as a base in Blue Camo cooling face mask along with coconut milk powder, cucumber glycerol extract, blue camomile and French lavender oils, a creamy and brightening mask. 

Best used: As a mask - three - four times a week



Which suits your skin type, choose, personalise and empower?



Matcha tea - antioxidant, great for breakouts

Fruit & flower teas - toning/astringent

Camomile tea - to calm redness and inflammation 

Organic honey - antioxidant and humectant, great for breakouts and plumps the skin

Live organic yogurt or coconut yogurt - to promote a healthy skin biome

Aloe vera - humectant/ultra moisturising

Masking with silky clays is a practical weekly luxury, just add 1/2 tsp of mixer to your clay, apply to a warmed face and relax. The great thing is that you can customise them to suit your unique skin needs that day, if you have a clay base then it's easy to individualise your skincare by carefully choosing a mixer. 

Have fun making your face mask ritual,

bespoke, individual, ultra-cleansing and

all natural cleansing plant power.
















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