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Your skin is the largest organ of the body, funny to think of it as an organ but it is and it holds many secrets, unlocking them can lead to healthy, radiant skin all year round.


Your skin usually needs one of two things, to detox and cleanse or to be nourished.


Your skin eliminates waste by aiding the lymphatic system through sweating, it breathes,  prevents dehydration and is the bodies initial defence against illness. Skin is instinctual - responding to temperature changes and emotions, it knows what it needs. Your skin responds to touch, to loving self care, its one of the ways we can feel nourished and that boosts an hormonal response by producing oxytocin, the love hormone. Skin that's properly cleansed and nourished glows.



You can help your skin to cleanse and detox by using supporting plant and mineral extracts that will take the skin ageing particles out of your skin, Himalayan salts contain a cocktail of 84 trace minerals, bathing in them or skin polishing with them will stimulate circulation and cleansing. Its amazing that nature has provided everything your body needs to be healthy. The clays, french green, wild rose and kaolin are gentler and will do the same for your face, green clay is the most effective for cleansing the t-zone or oily areas, kaolin is the most gentle, recommended for sensitive skin, it will instantly reveal luminous skin. 

These cleansing actives will work on a micro level and prepare your skin for the next stage: nourishing.


Our skin needs to be properly nourished with natural ingredients that is recognises for effective transformation, you need to be able to identify your skins needs and then apply treatments weekly and daily that support healthy function.

Once your skin is cleansed it will deeply take in anything you put into it next.

There are two skin layers, the deeper dermal layer where collagen and elastins are maintained and the top most layer that protects from harmful ageing elements and prevents dehydration.

Plant and flower extracts work on a micro cellular level to support healthy cell structure and collagen production in the dermal level. This is also the level that absorbs all the good fats, oils and butters that plump and keep the skin elastic.

GLA'S are the one thing your body doesn't make, you have to add it topically or add it within your diet. Gla's are responsible for maintaining supple and soft skin, borage seed oil is one of the highest sources of gla's, you'll find it in Wild Coco luxurious body balm.

Lighter oils that sit within the top layer of skin work to protect from dehydration locking in the moisture and goodness that you've just massaged into the dermal layer. A vibrant healthy top layer of skin will also protect from the elements like uv, plastic molecules from fabrics that touch the skin and pollution.

Now you know some of the secrets to your beautiful skin, It's a great excuse to pamper and carve out relaxing self-care time, it doesn't have to take long, a simple two minute ritual every morning is deeply nourishing.


How your emotions are connected to your skin.

The way your skin feels literally influences your emotions. There is a connection between the mind and the skin. We all know emotions can directly affect skin health, stress can lead to a limited blood supply to the skin and show up as dryness, breakouts and a lacklustre appearance. The opposite is also true, how your skin feels can also have a positive effect on your emotions. Studies prove that if you fake a smile pretty soon you actually feel happy, the facial changes involved in smiling have direct effects on certain brain activities associated with happiness, boosts the immune system, unwinds stress, and a smile is the most beautiful thing you can wear.

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