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When life gets busy it can show in our skin, lacklustre, dry, less supple, our skin literally responds to stress. Busy days are related through hormones to the body and the skin, it's a balance and getting the sweet spot can give you more than vital skin health. Below are 5 easy steps to restoring your skin to it's natural, vital and glowing state.



1. Hydration - Drinking on the go? The skin is a large organ and needs to be hydrated to be at it's healthiest, soft and supple. Bottled waters have been made so appealing but not only do they cost the planet  tiny microscopic molecules also make it from the plastic container into your body, why not make your own batch of fruit and mineral water. Add a tbsp of Chia seeds to a bottle along with your favourite fruits, peach, strawberry or orange, if you like it sweet add a tsp of honey, a simple solution and it will provide essential minerals and hydration throughout the day. 

Why not make up a tray of fruit ice cubes and throw a couple in your bottle in the morning.



2. Exercise - Walking, jump off the bus a stop away from your destination,  dance in the kitchen like no-ones watching ;-) or Yoga. Gentle exercise melts away tension and you'll feel healthy, peaceful and Zen, your skin benefits too from lowered cortisol levels. All these forms of exercise (it doesn't have to be cardiovascular) will also help to flush toxins from your body by activating the lymphatic system.

3. A good nights rest - When you don’t get enough rest your body produces the hormone cortisol that breaks down collagen. With plenty of rest, you’ll feel energized and your skin will feel more elastic and smooth, this is so true, I love sleep and really notice a difference in my skin tone if I don't get enough.

4. Beauty from the inside out - Choose natural antioxidants, minerals and vitamins to help keep your body at it's optimum, fruits and vegetables are packed with antioxidants, choose from the ranges of Vit C, A and E for essential cell repair & protection.



 5. Skincare ritual- Self-care routines have never been more valuable, they help us wind down, we let go of the busy day replacing it with nurturing skin rituals. Choose a simple nurturing skin care routine will preserve your complexion and restore balance.  Our products have all been formulated to be highly effective for people with a busy lifestyle, they all contain theraputic essential oils that target the most common symptoms that occur in the modern world: stress, overwhelm, low mood, anxiety, low energy and muscle fatigue not to mention the ingredients especially chosen to combat dry, lack-lustre and acne prone complexions. Check out the descriptions of the products, each has an aroma-care guide so that you know exactly how the extracts will benefit you.

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