This is the first edition of super skin, recipes that will transform foods and plants that are at their most live & vital to make skincare relevant to the season. The fresher your ingredients are the more potent the effects to your skin, delivering minerals & vitamins where the skin can make best use of them, pure synergy! Here is a complete facial routine to freshen, cleanse and detox the skin that can sometimes be feeling lack-lustre after the winter, we'll be using the party girl of the season - rhubarb mixing her with citrus fresh from Sicily and Spain.


Here's the scoop on rhubarb:



I’m not sure why I love rhubarb so much. Perhaps because it's a resilient plant that pops up year after year. *"Rhubarb" originally comes from the two Greek words for rhubarb. Rheon from the Persian renewed, perfect for a spring skin ritual! And the transformation as you coo it, that color! from the palest pink to dramatic ruby-red.


Rhubarb is a perennial herb grown for it's succulent, rose red, edible leafy stalks. This cool-season plant is native to Siberia and widespread in many regions of Europe and North America as “pie plant.” It was brought to popularity via the silk route about 2000 years ago from China where it was used for it's medicinal properties and I was surprised by how many, take a look, it's gone to the top of my fruit list for this month.

Skin: One of the most shocking health benefits associated with Rhubarb is the simple fact that it can help skin look younger, and works as a skin care treatment. The vitamins and nutrients contained in one cup can help stimulate healthy cell rejuvenation, along with brightening the natural look of your skin. Rhubarb ALSO contains the compound referred to as Lutein, which is essential for the health of your skin and eyes, it can also fight off the free radicals that cause several signs of aging, and give your skin a healthy glow that you will be proud to show off.

Stress: The leafy fruit also contains magnesium and potassium that are essential to reduced stress levels, and to lower high blood pressure rates. Once your stress levels have been lowered, you’ll generally notice an almost immediate improvement in your overall health.




As this is a deep spring cleanse let's start by opening the pores with a steam, these herbs all contain powerful antioxidants the pepper activates circulation and the citrus is there for the refreshing aroma.


1. heatproof bowl

1. sprig of herbs, if you don't have any to pick supermarkets sell a bouquet garni in a bag, aka - a bag of mixed hard stem herbs like thyme & sage. I've picked nettle tops and you can find a pure nettle tea in shops too. Packed full of essential vitamins and minerals it's so good to add these herbs to your steam bowl.

2. a twist of black pepper. Pepper will aid the circulation in the skin which is a key function to revitalising the dermal layer boosting a fresh blood supply which will give you a fresh Spring glow.

*Note on nettle: it is excellent for treating acne prone skin, you could dry some nettle tops (be careful picking) and make a steam with nettle alone for daily use, also consider it as one of the best herbs for preventing signs of skin ageing.




For a refreshed complexion try this cotton soak, this soak will gently break down the uppermost layer of old skin cells making room for fresh growth to bloom.

1. bowl of fresh-strained rhubarb juice (from 1/2. stem of gently cooked rhubarb)

1. squeeze of fresh orange juice

Place four small cotton pads in the mix, squeeze out the excess and place on your face, leave for half an hour but please take them off if you feel any irritation. The irritation however could just be the vitamins in the rhubarb going to work on the top most layer of the skin, gently breaking down old skin cells which you can buff off when you rinse.




A mix to awaken even the sleepiest of skin, take time with this mask, the key bioactive's will need time to penetrate the dermal layer for noticeable results. As the coconut yogurt sinks into the skin, this is why steaming is so good to open it up it draws the luiten and other minerals from the rhubarb to the capillary bed promoting micro-circulation, boosting collagen production and fighting free radicals. Skin will feel fresh, soft, plumped and dewy.


2. tablespoons of coconut yogurt (I use 'coconut collaborative' brand as it's a firm consistency that won't slip off) 

1. tablespoon of strained rhubarb juice (from 1/2. stem of gently cooked rhubarb)

Mix together to form a thick paste and apply, as it dries apply another layer and keep adding for as long as you like, I usually leave these types of mask on for an hour or more. Rinse and your skin is ready for a layer of ginger shake.



A warming, revitalising elixir, keeping with the theme of renewal the actives held within these exotics boost circulation giving skin a radiant glow.

1. thumb of freshly chopped ginger

1. twist of fresh black pepper

1. twist of orange peel

1. small bottle of sunflower or almond oil

Place everything in a bottle and shake, simple as that, it really doesn't take long for the spices to infuse the oil, test the strength then - strain and it's ready to use. You only need 2-3 drops rubbed between your hands and gently pressed into the skin to seal in all goodness, protecting the delicate lipid layer from drying out in late spring wind.

Becky x



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