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Have you ever wanted to mix delicious scent combo’s and make your own perfume or personalise your DIY skin care but wondered which aromas mix well together? You know what you love but what would it go with and you want an all natural product? It's really good fun and there are so many amazing combinations to choose from, once you know some basics it’s really easy to pick those that complement each other and simple to create. The best part is that by choosing essential oils you'll have a longer lasting scent that doesn't cost the earth and is all natural. 
The perfume industry buys most of its oils
from plants and flowers that are grown in
the Grasse region of France and distilled
locally in that area.
Perfumers use a ‘note’ table as a guide for combining flower. They group flower and plant extracts into 3 notes; the base, the middle and the top. The top note is the first to leave the skin and they dance on the breeze, flirting with the nose. The middle notes are the bloom and body of the mix and take a little longer to leave the skin but it’s the base notes that linger, giving depth to the perfume.
What we smell is small microparticles of the plant or flower extract and our olfactory is finely tuned to evocative and favourite scents as well as the healing properties of essential oils.
Have fun making your own DIY unique perfume!..


Simple note table:

Top: basil, bergamot, ginger, grapefruit, lemon, lime, mandarin, peppermint, lemon balm, wild orange, mint.


Middle: camomile, cardamom, cinnamon, clary sage, clove, cypress, fennel, geranium, lavender, rose, rosemary, vanilla, thyme, benzoin, eucalyptus.


Base: clove, cedarwood, frankincense, jasmine, patchouli, rose absolute, sandalwood, vetiver, ylang-ylang.

You can pick one from each group and magic happens, the possibilities are endless.

When mixing always use a base oil or carrier oil to dilute your essential oils, you can choose from apricot, camellia or sunflower. Once you have your bottle and base oil then you just need to add your scent combo. Add your drops of essential oil at a dilution of 2-3 % to the carrier oil. How many drops of each isn't an exact science, whichever you want to stand output more of that in, a tip is to hold the essential oil bottles together and smell the, move any bottle away till you create a mix that your happy with. There are so many combo's to try, here are a few that really work but go with what you love, experiment and discover your unique scent.

So, to 18 ml of base oil add 2-3ml of essential oil and 1ml is equal to 20 drops.

Orange & Jasmine & Benzoin

Lemon & Rose & Frankincense  

Bergamot & Lime & Vanilla & Vetivert

Rose geranium & Mandarin & Rosewood
Eucalyptus & Mint & Frankincense
Rose & YlangYlang & Vetivert


Discover your favourite all natural perfume.

What scents we love to wear is part of our uniqueness, it can be a way of speaking to those around us, saying something about our personality. You can also mix a scent that has a nurturing, uplifting or has a healing effect as you wear it, and it's just for you. Perfume or mixing flower and plant extracts is personal, nothing ever smells the same on another person as we all have our own distinctive skin type that alters a perfume once it's applied.

Applying perfume is a ritual in itself, choosing aromas and mixing them is the next level, have fun.


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