This plant really personifies why we use minimal ingredients in our formations, it contains more than one compound and each compound has a different valuable therapeutic quality. 

Lavender means 'to wash' in Latin. A beauty aid and therapeutic plant lavender oil is the most versatile botanical extract and has been for centuries. Lavender reduces anxiety and emotional stress, reduces acne, restores skin complexion and slows down the ageing process with it's powerful antioxidants.

Individual white lavender trumpets, each tiny flower is as beautiful as a lilly flower.

Lavender contains various compounds that fuse together to create the aroma we know so well. It can be used in everything from sorbets to treating infection, in skincare it plays an essential part on your skincare shelf, when you know what it does you can reach for it to treat those pesky outbreaks or refresh your complexion.


* A powerful antioxidant it fights the damage from pollutants that cause skin to age.

* Cleansing, it helps to reduce acne with its antiseptic & antimicrobial qualities.

* Restores skin complexion by stimulating poor circulation.

* Relaxing, lavender calms muscles and in turn the skin.

* Calming, helps to reduce panic attacks, depression, low mood and anxiety.

* Refreshing, lavender can reverse the effects of mental exhaustion.


Everyone knows the aroma of lavender and the purple variety is especially poplar with bees, did you know that a bee can see purple above all other colours.


You don't have to go to a spa to treat yourself to a facial steam treatment.

For an antiseptic facial steam, place a large handful of lavender flowers in a bowl and pour two pints of boiling water. Put a towel over your head and lean over the bowl, keeping your head about 15 inches from the surface of the water and remain like this for up to 15 minutes. Lavender exhibits valuable antiseptic qualities and works wonders for blackheads, spots and pollution damage. Deeply purifying and relaxing, make time for this pamper you'll feel so relaxed afterwards.

For a good nights sleep apply BLUE CAMO cooling face mask before bed and breathe in the aromas. 

To indulge in pure relaxation steep yourself in WHITE LIGHT  soothing salt soak, fused with blue camomile and relaxing minerals this bath is the perfect way to unwind.


* Lavandula (common name lavender) is a genus of 47 known species of flowering plants in the mint family - Lamiaceae

Each variety of lavender has a different intensity of aroma, if you've never liked lavender before try a different species or an organic variety.

If you have friends or family who could use a relaxing facial steam guide share this blog with them, they'll thank you for it.


Becky x

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  • Katie Spicer on

    Wow a proper powerhouse of goodness! I’m looking forward to summer when I can make this steam bath, sounds lush! I am using lavender oil a lot at the moment to help me sleep as I’m in the last few weeks of pregnancy & sleep is eluding me! It’s a godsend!

    Great read, thanks Becky!

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