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The way your skin feels literally influences your emotions. There is a connection between the mind and the skin. We all know emotions can directly affect skin health, stress can lead to a limited blood supply to the skin and show up as dryness, breakouts and a lacklustre appearance. The opposite is also true, how your skin feels can also have a positive effect on your emotions. Studies prove that if you fake a smile pretty soon you actually feel happy, the facial changes involved in smiling have direct effects on certain brain activities associated with happiness, boosts the immune system, unwinds stress, and a smile is the most beautiful thing you can wear.



A relaxing self care ritual has never been more valuable in this fast paced world. A daily self care practice, one where you take time to cup your hands over your nose and breathe in the therapeutic aromas contributes to slowing down the ageing process. Wild Mix products are all designed for the modern woman with therapeutic botanicals in each mix to target specific needs, to relax, energise, reset, clear, restore and luxuriate. Taking time to mix your own formula contributes to your self care rituals, combining natural ingredients, simple methods and restorative you time!


I don't know about you but I know how well a product is for my skin because it feels, fresh, soft, hydrated and I feel radiant. My skin has never felt as great since I started researching and targeting my specific skin's needs with plant extracts in their pure, raw state. High-performance botanicals restore your skin at a deep level, that's because your precious skin is totally natural and instantly recognises and absorbs a natural ingredient, that's synergy.

Because our skin is so linked in with the brain and our emotions it makes sense that natural high-quality ingredients that actually work will make you feel good. If your skin feels beautiful - it is.






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