What I love about a French woman's style is that it is effortless and chic. Beautifully tousled hair a splash of red lipstick she exudes a natural and fuss free image wherever she goes. The secrets are easy to put into practice, in fact you'll be surprised just how easy and that's the key, if its effortless and leaves more time to enjoy life it's chic.

Hydration: Hydration is a key to healthy skin and hair, think evian, a French woman doesn't go anywhere without a bottle of water, it doesn't have to be a chic French brand of water in a plastic bottle, filtered water in glass bottles are so much chicer. A French woman drinks when she wants a snack and keeps her hydration topped up throughout the day, flushing toxins from her body help to keep her skin hydrated and clear.

Circulation: On the list of a French woman's beauty rituals is a regular face massage, good circulation is one of the best ways to preserve the health of your skin, you can find self massage tutorials for the face on youtube. A French woman somtimes plunges her whole face into fizzy mineral water to enliven the skin, she's also not afraid of cold water and uses it to splash on her face to close her pores, cold water also wakes up the brain making you feel more alert and fresh. Increased circulation however you create it either massage, cold water or exercise boosts blood flow cleansing the skin and delivering nutrients to help keep a healthy glow.

Natural exercise: You will find hardly any gyms in Paris, in a French woman's mind life is too short for the gym instead, she parks a few streets away from her destination and walks the rest of the way, sipping her evian as she goes. Walking aids cell regenerating circulation and calms the nervous system and stress is one of the biggest contributors to lacklustre hair and skin, get off a stop early and walk or walk to a restaurant further away than you normally would you'll be waving a magic wand over your skin.

Forget washing your hair: At least not every day, its not by chance that french women seem to throw their hair up in a chic messy bun and call it style. Daily hair washing can strip the hair of its natural oils so they wash it every 3 days putting it up if its on the edge, she doesn't use hair driers and straighteners to over style as they dry out the hair, instead she masks it in a hair mask once in a while adding rich hair loving goodness to it instead of stripping it. Relax about your hair and find a tousled style that works for you, throw it up and call it chic!


Preservation: In France women don't care about getting older, in fact she believes that like a good French brandy she will look more beautiful with age, she says NO to the anti ageing myth that some beauty companies promote and instead embraces everything about the ageing process. She learnt to put rituals into place that preserve the skin like taking your make up off before bed and regular face masks to cleanse toxins and free radicals that cause wrinkles, but hey, if she has them she doesn't care. Embrace preservation rituals and forget expensive creams.

Simple DIY treatments: Home beauty tips have been passed down from generation to generation be it a honey mask or toning with mineral water she doesn't think twice before whipping up some organic live yogurt and improving hydration in her skin with it, she would rather spend her money on a good red wine than expensive skincare that promises the world when she knows her kitchen hold secrets that are more effective.

Joy de vivre: The holy grail of secrets: 'Joy de Vivre' literally translates as the cheerful enjoyment of life, slow down, relax and appreciate life. Take in the breeze, smile at strangers, make time for the things you love, just make a beauty decision to relax more and let the joy exude from your pores. Beauty is an inside job, we have to remember that while being constantly bombarded by adverts that suggest otherwise so lastly, confidence, believe you are beautiful on your own terms and you will be, well, you already are. 


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