DIY BEAUTY RECIPE: bergamot and vanilla body scrub.


This simple sunshiny scrub is both energising and luxurious, easy to make and a treat to use. A sunshiny treat for a Winter day. 






I've given you options with this recipe so that you can get creative and use what you have in your kitchen.

1 cup of Salts: Sea salt, epsom or fine pink himalayan 

20ml of Oil: Sunflower, grapeseed or jojoba 

20 drops of bergamot oil or half an organic lime, the skin is going in! (without seeds) OR zest of an unwaxed citrus fruit

15 drops of vanilla bean extract: Vanilla extract paste from the cupboard or the seeds from a vanilla pod work just fine

Bergamot AKA Citrus bergamia. One hundred bergamot oranges yield about three ounces (85ml) of bergamot oil.


Mix in the blender if using a fresh lime or in a bowl if not. Store in a kilner jar and keep covered.



SALTS: Salt contains minerals and trace elements such as: calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron.  Salt is deeply relaxing, soothing for sore muscles as well as stimulating healthy circulation, circulation is key to healthy skin, it brings fresh nutrients to the skin while helping to rid the body of harmful toxins

OILS: As well as binding the salt together they have many benefits for the skin, see these blogs for more on 'sweet almond oil' or ' jojoba oil'

BERGAMOT:  Bergamot essential oil is a unique, ‘sunny’ citrus oil that helps to balance the skin's oil production making it very beneficial for combination skin types. A sweet, lemony fresh top note, with a warm, floral and clean undertone

VANILLA: Vanilla essential oil is rich in anti-oxidants, instantly recognisable this essential oil is warming, comforting and feel-good

We include 2ml of bergamot oil in our detox face mask ' blackened orange', that's about 2.3 fruits in every jar!


If you have friends or family who would love a refreshing DIY body polish recipe share this blog with them, they'll thank you for it.


Becky x

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