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During the winter our bodies can begin to feel unbalanced and our skin lacklustre, then Christmas arrives, we 'celebrate' and then try to make up for it with a gruelling January detox.  Winter is for slowing down and recharging, allowing your body to slow into the natural rhythm of winter, instead of speeding through the days in 'fight or flight' mode, 'rest and digest' and your body will be able recharge and balance essential skin health. Spring is the ideal time to detox when there's plenty of fresh green vegetables that naturally support it. Regular detoxing throughout the winter can help to keep your complexion and body in balance, then its easier to 'celebrate' without feeling guilty and your body will be able to cleanse and process any excess with ease. 

We respond to love as an incentive 

Be kind:  Say goodbye to the gruelling January detox!! We respond to love as an incentive, and we are much more likely to continue with something new if we introduce it lovingly, pick one or two rituals from the list and introduce more when it feels easy, if you give yourself time to chill now you'll have more energy for the holiday season and your skin will recover quicker.



Like to party and... feel great?



Eat Fresh: We all know how many fruit and veg to eat in a day, plenty of leafy greens will help to give your body the healthy boost it needs to thrive during the winter.

Sleep More: Just like a hibernating creature we need our winter beauty sleep, adding an extra hour of slumber will help your body to be revitalised.

Reduce the junk: Cut down on sugar for energy, white flour, alcohol, processed foods and replace with a protein-rich breakfast. Add seeds, nuts and protein powders in your cereal/porridge this will kerb the cravings for sugary foods later in the day.

Detox your mind: Do more of what you love! It's that simple,  dismiss any thought that has the word 'should' in it, especially through the holiday season. Be it online shopping in your pj's, turning your bathroom into a home spa for the weekend or long walks soaking up nature, do more of what you love and detox any limiting thoughts.

Cleanse with exercise: Regular, moderate exercise is enough to support the lymphatic system and the bodies natural detoxification process. If you prefer to burn and cleanse then a run once a week is enough to cleanse the system.

Empower yourself with therapeutic beauty rituals

Dry brushing/towelling: There's no dought that brushing helps to detox the body, I've adapted dry brushing to towel brushing  I exfoliate with a DIY salt polish in the bath and support circulation later. For towelling use the same technique as dry brushing. Start with the soles of your feet, use swift but firm upward strokes and sweep from the feet, up the legs, working towards your heart. Once you’ve covered your lower body, move to your hands and work up your arms toward your heart. Next, rub your back, tummy, chest and neck. Your lymphatic system responsible for detoxing your body is just under your skin, find a pressure that suits you and imagine sweeping the lymph fluid towards your heart where it's processed.

Detoxing bath soaks: Himalayan Pink Salt is the purest form of the salt that is mined from ancient sea beds. These beautiful crystals contain over 84 minerals and trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron. This salt stimulates circulation and is deeply relaxing, detoxing and soothing. Relaxing in a salt soak bath makes detoxing easy. All our salt soaks contain Himalayan salts.


Circulation facial: Facials are workouts for your skin, you can stimulate both relaxation and circulation with a facial massage, circulation will cleanse your face of toxins and keep your face soft and beautifully supple. Use your favourite serum or if you don't have one sunflower oil or almond oil will do just fine. Apply a small amount of oil so that your fingers aren't sliding off your face. Use long lazy strokes from the jawline to the ears, from the nose over the cheekbones and across the forehead, take all of these strokes down the side of the neck to rest at the clavicle. Take your time, relax and enjoy it, use a firm pressure so that you actually feel the bones and slide over them. I find this process so incredibly relaxing and toning I do it at least once a week, I'm still amazed just how confident I feel after a circulation facial.


Choose just two from the list for one week, then swap for a different two the next, or, go for what feels easiest than add in a challenging one. The key to detoxing is either the burn and quick deep cleanse which some people love or gentle weekly detoxing so that there's no need to do a deep detox in January. 


Becky x




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