Since creating the wild mix I often think about the difference between a beauty product and skincare, and it comes down to how we define beauty, definitions really are as varied as there are people on the planet. Stretched lips and elongated necks are prized as beautiful in parts of Africa while in the west giant eyebrows and thick lips are a beauty goal.


The essence of you is at the heart of what's truly beautiful and no matter what age, dewy, glowing healthy skin is in, we can have lines AND be beautiful. How a persons heart shines is what is truly beautiful, no question, but taking care of our skin and appearing healthy also creates beauty.

I think well groomed, beautiful faces radiate love. A beautiful face looks like it's been taken care of, regular selfcare routines make our skin appear infused with love.

I love my skincare rituals, my allies are the plant and flower ingredients that work synergistically with the skin and the skins natural healing ability. I love how I can apply ingredients to suit my skins needs, quiet nurturing time just to check in, massage away the tensions of the week, using products that make my skin feel well fed, It's so satisfying when my skin feels correctly cleansed, vital and alive. It's more important to me how my skin feels, beauty isn't defined by anyone else, if my skin feels good my confidence skyrockets.

Roses offer an insight into beauty, a rose petal feels like my skin goal, petal soft, dewy, firm and healthy. A rose is the skin of the plant, the outermost layer, blooming in the giddy high days of summer. It's no wonder rose ingredients are still one of the most popular skincare ingredients on the planet, we want our skin to feel just like a rose, well funny! A rose is so often the symbol of love, if we're rebellious enough to love ourselves a little bit more,  radiate love and our own unique, natural beauty into the world it will be a better place.

There is only one you in the world and it's all stacking in your favour to shine as you are, be your wild, unique self, it takes a whole load of wild gorgeous flowers to make a bunch and wild is just so 'en vogue' right now, be you.

Love Becky X

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