Beauty at all ages! YES!! Why are we as a culture holding the picture of eternal youth to the spotlight as the desirable kind of skin to have? In part it's because we recognise that super hydrated skin feels better, it's true but that doesn't mean we have to be also free of fine lines. I'm delighted to see so many people in the industry speak out about this sad and misused term: anti-ageing.

The concept of “anti-aging” simply sells more products.

Magic wand skincare terms are full of promise and mystery when the real mystery is:- why can't women age well AND be beautiful, smile lines and all? why are large cosmetics labs still controlling and influencing trends to stack against the beautifully ageing woman or man. Mostly, it's about money, I'm here to tell you that we will all age (unless your a time lord) and it's about time we changed the term to reflect healthy and beautiful skin at all ages with beauty inclusivity.  I have learnt to love it, to embrace change, I want to enjoy the process of ageing, the deeper smile lines and to make changes that support me, to use skincare mindfully so that I focus on what feels good and turn that dial up.

The phrase really implies that aging is not a good thing - that we do not want to age or show any slight appearance of it. I think the term perpetuates an idea that looking older in any way, is quite simply, bad. I think that’s sad. “Pro-health skin care” for example, doesn’t entice the consumer with the same sense of allure and promise that products claiming to be “anti aging” do.:- Josh Rosebrook

It's just not true or possible!

The editors of allure magazine have refused to use the words anti-ageing in any of their editions.


Preserve, support, celebrate skin health and let your true beauty shine.

Skins ability to regenerate takes 30 days when we are young, by the time we are 45 it takes twice that length of time so the skin needs extra support to age-happily. The skincare routine of a 45 year old will not be the same as that of a 25 year old, the ingredients need careful consideration. The skin needs more hydration as well as specifically tailored serums, toners and spritz's that work in harmony with the innate regenerating ability to create collagen production, fight free radicals and even skin tone.


Notice the beauty that you already are!



Iv'e created empowered skincare treatments where the empowerment is given back to you, to choose what your unique skin needs. Your allies are natural ingredients that work synergistically with your skin. It works with your skins natural healing ability so that it feels fresh and is naturally bursting with vitality.

True beauty shines from the heart.

If you have friends or family who would appreciate thoughts on the anti-aging myth share this blog with them, they'll thank you for it.


Love Becky X









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